The Shelter of Birds  ballpoint pen on paper 41"x52" $3.000 SOLD

Flying Low acrylic on canvas 40"x60" $5.000

Hechizo pen, pencil on paper 40"x24" $3.500

The Language of Flowers acrylic on canvas 40"x60" $4.000

Pride 2017 ballpoint pen on paper 11"x8.5" $300

Exodus 2017 pencil on paper 11"x8.5" $300

At the Market 2016 mixed media on paper 11"x8.5" SOLD

Breath 2016 mixed media on paper 11"x8.5"$400

Fragrance 2016 mixed media on paper 11"x8.5"$400

Somber 2016 Ink on paper 11"x8.5" $350

Lament 2016 mixed media 11"x8.5"$400

A flor de piel 2001 mixed media 10"x6.5"$400

Lament 2016 mixed media 11"x8.5" $400

Mar Adentro oil on canvas 46"x52"inc $4.000

Hold me tight, sueltame las Alas.  oil on canvas 58"x68" $6.000

Broken dreams 2012 mixed media 25.5"x23" $600


Small Visit 2018 ink on paper 8.5"x12"inch$400


Kiss 2018 ink on paper 8.5"X12" $400

Los ultimos, 2013 ink on paper 11_x8.5_

Los Ultimos 2013 Ink on paper 8.5x12"$300


Horisontal Dreams 2000 mixed media on paper 7"x7"inc  $400


Entre peces 2012 mixed media on paper 8.5"X12" $400

Spring 2013, Acrylic on paper 14.5_x22_

Spring  Acrylic on paper 15"X22" $900

Blooming 2017 graphite-ink on paper 8.5"x12" $400

A-mar adentro 2016 Ink on paper 8.5"x12" $400

Autumn's wing 2018 ink on paper 8"x12 $400


Mirando al Cielo 1996 ink, watercolor 8.5"x11" SOLD

Waiting 2011, mixed media on paper 8.5_x

Reverie 2016 ik on paper 8.5"x11" $300


Embrace 2016 ink on paper 8.5"x12" $300


Nesting 2018 ink on paper 8"x12"$400


Landing 2016 ink on paper 8.5"x12"$400

Braid 2018 ink on paper 8"x12"$400


Flying mood 2018 acrylic on canvas 40"x60"$5000

The Sound of Water 2018 acrylic on canvas 40"x60"$5.000


 Fish Headdress 2019 Acrylic on canvas 48"x72" $7.000